Possum captured and safely removed in Caloundra

This week our team safely captured and removed a possum from a commercial building in Caloundra. The trapped possum was the common ringtail possum. The possum had managed to find a way into the ceiling area above the offices. After capturing the possum we safely released it in the park next door and sealed up his entry point.

Possums are a protected species and they have to be captured and released according to the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection guild lines. The technician who carries out the capture of the possum also needs to hold a valid permit issued by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. It is a requirement that the possum must be realised within 25 meters of capture as possums are territorial.

Interesting Ringtail Possum facts

  • the common ringtail possum is not as wide spread as the common brushtail possum in Australia
  • feeds on plants, flowers and fruits
  • is mostly nocturnal and sleeps in the day
  • is not very vocal, they communicate by way of a high-pitched yet soft chirping calls
  • the female has an average of two in a litter and carries the young in her pouch while they develop

Possums are wild animals and if they make a home for themselves inside your ceiling area it is best to have them trapped and relocated back into their natural environment. While they live inside they will urinate and drop faeces causing a terrible odour as well as create damage inside the ceiling cavities. If you think you may have a possum give us a call for an obligation free quote and advice. We will humanely trap and remove the possum and seal up the point of entry.