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Statistically one in three properties will be attacked by termites and living in Queensland termites thrive in our tropical weather conditions.  Termites are aggressive feeders and multiply rapidly. They feed on timber; stumps in your yard, studs in your walls, trusses in your roof, skirtings, doors frames, window sills, the list is endless. 

We offer comprehensive termite control services;

  • termite inspections also known as pest inspections
  • termite treatments including treating active termites
  • chemical treatment zone installations also known as chemical barriers
  • termite protection for building alterations
  • termite baiting and monitoring systems

Termites are known as silent destroyers as they attack the timbers in your home without you even knowing. Termites are subterranean you cannot see them as they live and travel underground. Termites can enter your home in various ways through; unprotected plumbing and electrical penetrations, ground level built up over weepholes and termite protected areas, cracks in slabs, unprotected home extensions/slabs to name a few. They will work in the wall voids eating away at the timbers leaving the exterior looking in tact however very soft and brittle to the touch, which is one of the ways people notice them when the timber gives way. In some cases extensive damage has happened by then! If you suspect or notice termite activity or termite damage it is best not to disturb them and call a termite manager to investigate as if you break a termite lead the termites go straight back to ground and pop up elsewhere at a later stage, whereas if they are in the lead and active you have a higher success rate in treating and getting rid of the termites. Undetected termites can cause costly damage to your home in a very short time. We recommend regular termite inspections to reduce your risk of termite attack. Our highly qualified technicians use state of the art technology together with years of experience to track and detect termites. Based on our findings of your inspection we will recommend the best practice termite treatment or termite control. All our termite inspections and termite treatments are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards AS 3660.2

We can recommend the best suited termite management system when advising our customers on how to protect their home from termite attack. The termite management systems effectively reduces the possibility of access of termites to the building and eliminates termite colonies. The systems work in different ways and are recommended based on construction design and termite pressure on the building.

We use the latest technology available ~ The Termatrac T3i to complement our visual inspection, this is a multi-function device with;

  • Motion Detection Radar ~ using an ultrasonic radar this can accurately detect termites through most building materials
  • Moisture Sensor ~ accurately records the concentrated presence of moisture identifying high risk areas
  • Thermal Sensor ~ accurately detects the heat generated by termites within building structures

We use state of the art technology ~ The FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera, also referred to as an infrared camera. Thermal imaging shows what the human eye cannot see. Thermal imaging works by detecting the heat generated by the foraging termites. Below are thermal images showing termite activities in various areas of the home.

If we suspect termite activity when carrying out a termite inspection our technician will scan the area with our thermal camera to diagnose the termite activity in a non-destructive / non-invasive manner to assist us in ensuring we deliver optimum service and results.

Termite control services

Termite inspections

Determines if there are active termites on site and/or previous damage... find out more

Termite treatment

Deciding on a treatment plan to treat active termites will depend on a few factors... find out more

Termite chemical barriers

Complete and continuous treatment around the building perimeter... find out more

Termite baiting and monitoring systems

What Building Alterations Require Termite Protection and A Form 16... find out more

Termite protection and building alterations

How the Exterra Interception and Baiting System works... find out more

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Tim – Nambour

Very pleased with the whole job and value for money. I will recommend this man to all my friends.

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Ashley – Buderim

Top Choice Pest Control provided excellent service for our home in Buderim. Deano arrived on time and did a really thorough job both inside and out. The proof was in the pudding: no unwanted insects which is quite simply what we want. Well recommended.

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Sol – Warana

Excellent service, from arranging the time to the actual service. Great people to get along with. Thank You!

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Nicholas – Manly West

Thank you to Belinda and Deano. I was using an alternate service and we ended up with termites. I rang Top Choice Pest Control and Deano came that day, located the source, treated them and then followed up in the following weeks. Termites all gone and we haven’t seen any other pests too. Great service and great price!

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Paula – Parklands

This is a great pest control company! Reasonable prices and reliability too

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Nicole – Mountain Creek

Told my Mum and she used you to pest control her house too, we will be using you again once we find a house to buy.

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