How to Prevent and Get Rid of Ants

Ants are annoying pests when they track in large numbers in and around our home, gardens and work places.  Properties can be infested with ants tracking up external walls, along patios, in bathrooms and in kitchens.  Read tips on how to prevent ant infestations or get rid of ants if they are already a problem.

Tips To Prevent Ants

While our treatments are very effective we recommend some housekeeping tips to help prevent ants;

  • Do not leave out dirty dishes and clean up spilt food straight away
  • Keep food in sealed containers
  • Throw away rubbish in secure bins and empty inside bins regularly 
  • Dispose of uneaten pet food

What Do We Use To Get Rid Of Ants?

We use the product Termidor to treat and control ants.  I have used the word control as some ants don’t even come in contact with product instead it is transferred to them by other ants who have been exposed to Termidor.  We treat the outside areas of the building including soiled areas, paths, patios, pavers, gardens.  When the ants track through these areas they do not even realise the product is there and they pick up a dose of Termidor undetected. As ants are a social insect they feed and groom each other back at the nest passing on the product and in turn transferring it through the colony breaking down the ant nest/s. 

How Termidor controls ants

The video explains why using Termidor for ant treatments is so effective.

We have happy and surprised customers once we have carried out an ant treatment. Many are surprised as they cannot believe how many dead ants they have had to vacuum up and that huge amount of ants had been nesting inside their walls unbeknown to them.  Others are happy that they no longer have them marching around their homes.


We carry out intense ant treatments aiming to knock down the ant nests to achieve a successful result. Our technician’s treatment plan depends on a number of factors; this will depend on the design and construction of the building and where we believe the ants are originating from.  If we can locate the ant nests we treat the ant nests outside for ant control inside; as many ants travel from their nests outside to forage for food and water inside. We will spray the external perimeter of the building and if there are weepholes we dust the weepholes.  We will also teat internally.  We follow up with our customer after an ant treatment to ensure they are satisfied with the results as sometimes a follow up treatment is required.  Our ant treatments are family, employee and pet safe, we achieve great results with our treatments with many happy customers.

Getting rid of ants

The video below shows the ants dropping and dying after treating the wall voids. This is one of our ant treatment techniques with great results and happy customers.

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