How to Prevent and Get Rid of Rodents

As the weather cools rats and mice come inside in search of warmth and shelter. We notice the calls for rodent treatments increase during the cooler months. Customers hear scuttling in their ceilings, walls & under their floors and some see rodent droppings. It is extremely important to get rid of rats and mice when you first detect them as they reproduce very quickly. There will never be only one rat or one mouse – did you know a rat can produce up to 15000 off springs in a year!

How to help prevent Rodents

  • Store food items in sealed containers
  • Do not leave out pet food and bird seed
  • Ensure all pet food and bird seed are stored in sealed containers
  • Have securely sealed lids on outdoor rubbish bins

Rodent facts

  • Rodents mark their territory by urinating around their nest which is a health risk if they are nesting in your home or office
  • Rodents are social creatures, they live together in communities where they sleep together, groom each other and play. So there is never only one or two rats or mice…
  • Rats are good climbers
  • Rodents are very tough pests they can live without water longer than a camel

Get rid of Rodents they are a Health Risk

Rodents are a health risk to our community, not only do rats and mice carry disease but they can transmit it to us and our pets through their fleas, lice and ticks. Rodents can spread contamination by their hair, urine and feces.   Rodents invade homes, vehicles and commercial properties. They can cause extensive damage by chewing through wiring in homes, car engines, and workplaces which can in turn cause electrical fires, they pollute the areas, they damage furniture and equipment and cause a terrible smell.

How do we get rid of Rodents?

We cannot stop rats and mice coming into our homes, vehicles and workplaces looking for food and shelter, it is very common at this time of year during the cold winter nights to notice and hear the pesky rodents as they leave their traditional burrows in seek of the warmth indoors. Rodents continue to feed through the winter months so we can successfully bait them out of your home by installing and baiting rodent stations as rats and mice will find and eat the bait as it very palatable.   We carry out Rodent pest control services in both the residential and commercial environments.

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