Termite activity treated at homes in Buderim

We treated active termites found at a home in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.  We treated the termites by way of a foaming treatment to the wall void where the termites were found using Termidor. 

 We went back after 2 weeks to check and ensure that all the termite activity had ceased.  We recommended to the home owner that we carry out a complete termite inspection to the home.

The above picture shows how the termite damage is above the termite barrier; the termites have not gone through the barrier but have tracked over and around the barrier because when the home was built the wall cladding was laid straight down to the ground creating a bridge over the barrier; the wall cladding should have ended above the barrier and not in direct contact with the ground.  It is imperative to maintain your regular termite inspections even if you have a barrier in place as the termite inspector can advise you of any areas that bridge or breach your barrier.  Our inspector will also advise you of any conditions in and around the home that are conducive to termite attack and recommendations on how to reduce these conditions thereby reducing the possible termite pressure on the home. 

More termites found and treated

We also found active termites in a wall void in the garage in a home in Buderim.  We treated the active termites by way of a Termidor foaming treatment and followed up two weeks after the treatment to ensure the activity had ceased.  When carrying out a termite inspection to the home we noted the following conditions that made the home conducive to termite attack;

  • the ground level was above the weepholes on the external walls which allowed termites concealed access
  • the drainage was an issue around the high side of the house and garage allowing water to build up around the building edge creating a moisture source for termites
  • there were palm tree stumps in the yard creating an attractive food source for termites

There was evidence of a previous baiting and monitoring system which had not been maintained.  We recommended the above conducive conditions be rectified and a current termite management system be installed to help prevent future termite attack to the home.