Termite Inspections Are Critical

A Current Affair recently aired a very informative video on termite damage emphasising how critical it is to have regular termite inspections of your home.   Please click on the link below to view the video, it is definitely worth the watch!   I then searched for other news videos regarding termite attacks, and have inserted one at the end of my blog for you to watch.  It is so devastating the damage that termites can cause.  We recommend you are vigilant having your termite inspections carried out and if you are thinking of buying a home we recommend a pre-purchase timber pest inspection of the property so you can have peace of mind that your investment is termite free. 

We carry out termite inspections in accordance with Australian Standards and provide an electronic report with photo’s, recommendations and advice on how to reduce the conditions conducive to termite attack.  Our inspection is a visual inspection complemented if required by the use of state of the art technology ~ a Termatrac T3i and a Thermal Imaging Camera.  Statistics show one in three properties are at risk of termite attack; contact us to carry out your termite inspection so you do not become that statistic.