Termite Management Systems

We specialise in Termite Management Systems ~ installation of Termite Treatment Zones also known as chemical barriers and baiting & monitoring systems. The Termite Management System we recommend we consider to be the most appropriate choice for the property.

The Termite Manager bases his recommendations to comply with current industry standards and best practice for the building design, construction and surrounding environmental factors.  Each system has its place to effectively offer the building owner the best protection for their property from subterranean termites.  Prior to installation we carry out a thorough termite inspection of the property in accordance with Australian Standards 3660 and provide a full report with recommendations.

Which Termite Management System suits best for your home?

We recommend Termidor as chemical of choice when installing chemical treatment zones.  Termidor has been extensively tested with proven results.  We install the chemical barrier by way of drill & inject and trench & flood to the external perimeter of the building.  We carry out a soil replacement to ensure the Termidor chemical binds effectively to the soil extending the lifespan effectiveness of the Termidor chemical.  It is for this reason we recommend that any un-cemented pavers are lifted and relayed rather than drilled.

The photo shows  our technician pumping Termidor chemical under a slab; the holes have been drilled 200mm apart as per the Australian Standards.

Termite chemical barrier

We recommend the Exterra Baiting and Monitoring System as our Baiting & Monitoring System of choice.  We have experienced very effective results with the system. The system works by installing monitoring stations around the building at 3 meter intervals creating a termite interception zone.  Each station contains timbers and focus attracting nearby foraging termites, the stations are monitored regularly and if we find termites in the stations we then replace the timbers with Requiem bait. The termites find the Requiem bait extremely palatable and this is taken back to the nest and fed throughout the colony. The Requiem bait contains a chitin inhibitor; termites require chitin to harden their exoskeleton when they moult – without the exoskeleton the termites die. Once we find no more termites feeding in the station we can declare colony elimination and we remove the bait from the stations and replace it with the timbers and continue the monitoring of the stations.  The picture below is of an active station showing how the focus has attracted the termites to the station which we then baited.

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