Protecting your home against Termites

The Sunshine Coast is considered a high risk area for termite attack.  We recommend you carry out periodic maintenance to minimise the risk of termite attack. Below are a few maintenance housekeeping tips we recommend;

  • ensure you have no moisture build up in and around the building as termites are attracted to moisture – fix leaking taps, drainpipes and ensure all overflows are re-directed into drains as Moisture Attracts Termites

  • ensure you have no blocked or broken gutters or downpipes as the rain water will not be directed into the drains and this will cause a water / moisture build up at the base of your building and could attract termites as termites need moisture to survive 

  • if your home is built on a concrete slab ensure the slab edge is exposed – clear away any excess soil or debris build up as if your slab is exposed you will notice termite mud tunnels entering the building

  • if your home has weepholes ensure they are clear and not obstructed as this once again will expose any evidence of termites

  • remove any scrap timber, trees stumps and debris around the building; as these are a food source for termites

  • cut back any vegetation to an approximate distance of 500mm away from the building edge as this could allow concealed access for termites as well as the stumps being a food source

If you notice any termite activity DO NOT disturb the workings or try and treat the termites if a termite track is broken the termites will automatically retreat back underground and pop up elsewhere making treatment more difficult; contact us and we will come to site and provide an obligation free quote and the best advice to treat the termite activity.

When we carry out termite inspections we use a moisture meter to check the moisture readings in the home.  We often find high moisture readings in shower areas and we recommend that you reseal the shower area and ensure the bathroom area has adequate ventilation; this will reduce moisture build up.  We also recommend that all aircon overflows and hot water system overflows are re-directed into the nearest drains rather than allow the water to drip to the base of the building.

It is important to reduce any moisture conditions in and around your home as they create conducive conditions for termites to thrive.

As per the Australian Standards we recommend regular termite inspections to your home.  You don’t want to find a termite nest in your home as shown in the photo below.