Ant Treatment Sunshine Coast

Ant Treatment Sunshine Coast Are ants invading you home?  Are ants annoying you?  Do you have an ant infestation? We carry out a thorough and intense ant treatment aiming to knock down the ant nests to achieve a successful result with customers wishing they had contacted us sooner! How do we eradicate ants? Ants are […]

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End of Lease Pest Control Service

End of Lease Pest Control Service Are you moving out a rental property and need an end of lease flea treatment?  We realise moving can be hectic and stressful, contact us to enquire about a hassle free end of lease pest treatment. We offer a Top Choice in service and reliability at an affordable rate. When is […]

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Rodent Control Sunshine Coast

Rodent Control Rats and mice are known to reproduce very quickly so we recommend treating any sign of rodent activity as soon as it is noticed.  Rats and mice are a health hazard to our community as they contaminate what they eat or come into contact with. They can carry and directly transmit diseases and […]

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Active termites found and treated in Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast

Whilst carrying out a termite inspection at a home in Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast we found active termites.  Our termite technician recommended installing an Exterra Termite Monitoring and Baiting System to bait out the active termites and offer protection to the building from future termite attack. We installed the termite monitoring stations around the […]

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Protecting your home against Termites

The Sunshine Coast is considered a high risk area for termite attack.  We recommend you carry out periodic maintenance to minimise the risk of termite attack. Below are a few maintenance housekeeping tips we recommend; ensure you have no moisture build up in and around the building as termites are attracted to moisture – fix leaking taps, drainpipes and ensure all […]

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Termite Management Systems

We specialise in Termite Management Systems ~ installation of Termite Treatment Zones also known as chemical barriers and baiting & monitoring systems. The Termite Management System we recommend we consider to be the most appropriate choice for the property. The Termite Manager bases his recommendations to comply with current industry standards and best practice for the building design, construction and […]

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Interesting termite facts

Every year termite infestations cause millions of dollars in damage to timber in homes across Australia.  In most cases the foraging termites are eating away at the timbers and are undetected until the damage is severe and costly to repair. Termites are also known as ‘White Ants’ and are grouped into two basic categories; drywood termites and subterranean termites.  The most […]

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